How Helpful is a Salesforce Tutorial PDF?

Formal employee training in a classroom for Salesforce isn’t necessary for every role that will use the CRM platform, but Salesforce onboarding does require some form of training. Salesforce tutorials in PDF form are available online from a number of sources and are easily found using a search engine. PDF Tutorials for Salesforce may contain valuable information and are most helpful when used in conjunction with other Salesforce employee training and onboarding tools.

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The Best Ways to Learn Salesforce

Salesforce training is necessarily an important part of the Salesforce implementation process. Without it, employees are less likely to accept and embrace the new system. After a company implements the system and moves forward, new employees will need a consistent program to help them use Salesforce effectively. There are always multiple options when it comes to training, and Salesforce is no different.

best ways to learn salesforce

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Salesforce Training Classes

Employee training is a big part of Salesforce onboarding. How an organization accomplishes Salesforce training is a matter of cost and employee role. If certification is required for an employee that lacks good real-world experience, formal Salesforce training classes may help prepare the individual for the certification exams. End users may benefit from other options.

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Salesforce Certification Cost

Salesforce certification ensures that people in key roles have the Salesforce training and real-world experience to successfully implement and use Salesforce. The Salesforce onboarding process requires training for everyone who will use the product, but that doesn’t mean formal training or that certification is right for everyone. Certification for key roles allows the organization to develop, implement and manage the Salesforce solution. The employees managing these key roles will also play a key role in the implementation.

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Top 5 Salesforce Employee Training & Onboarding Tips

Implementation of a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management platform like Salesforce lowers support costs and creates the opportunity to increase customer satisfaction through better management of employee time and resources. Onboarding a CRM tool through employee training is more than showing employees how the system works. It’s also about showing them how Software-as-a-Service helps them do their jobs more efficiently and creates a better work environment.
SaaS onboarding is more than just training. It’s acceptance and mastery of a tool designed to help trainees learn a more efficient way of doing their jobs.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of a Salesforce Tutorial Video

If you search for “salesforce tutorial” on youtube – you better make sure to clear the rest of the morning: there are over 59,000 results for this query. Youtube seems to be one of the leading platforms hosting numerous Salesforce online tutorials of many kinds, levels of proficiency, lengths and degrees of detailed guides. That means these Salesforce tutorial videos are, without doubt, increasingly popular – but are they also effective?

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The Best Salesforce Online Tutorial for Beginners

There is quite a debate going on about what is the best Salesforce online tutorial for beginners. Being one of the leading CRMs in the world at this time, Salesforce is bound to have an extensive industry around it, catering to its users and administrators, offering tutorial services complementing the ones offered by Salesforce itself.

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The Best Tutorial for Learning Salesforce

Being one of the most popular CRM platforms these days, there are a variety of Salesforce tutoring solutions out there – some of which are provided by Salesforce, but many of which are provided by complementing solutions and provided by users and former users who are acquainted with Salesforce’s tricks and quirks and can offer a user’s perspective. Disclaimer: the writer of this post is a former Salesforce user!

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The 5 Main Salesforce Competitors

Salesforce is one of the more popular CRMs in the industry at the moment. While its strength is in its customizability – other CRM designers have began implementing this ability into their software, meaning there are several other CRMs out there offering similar features to what Salesforce offers. In tackling the subject of Salesforce competitors we considered 3 parameters: pricing, features and support plans:


The Best Training Tools for Onboarding New Employees

An expensive part of business, no matter your industry, is bringing in new employees. The expense of replacing an employee can cost anywhere from two months to two years’ salary depending on the industry and the level of responsibility. It makes sense, then, to have an effectual training program in place to effectively onboard new employees. The trick is, of course, to successfully reduce the amount of training time without harming the effectiveness and quality of the training. The key to making this transition is by embracing available technology to make training a breeze.